Kosmos Taverna, Greece (…Fallowfield)

14 Jun

Tonight we ventured from our home to the highly acclaimed Kosmos Taverna. Outwardly, this was a minor feat as the Taverna is practically next door to us, ‘though with the immense amount of food we inadvertently ordered it became a blessing. If extracting only one thing from this recommendation let it be this; do not make the mistake we did – remember that at this traditional Greek restaurant the portions are, errr… traditionally hearty (and if you do forget, nor is it a good idea to – however scrumptious the meal – attempt to ‘squeeze it in’). Do not follow our example. 

We arrived with the intention to make the most of the early doors menu, however I spotted that the a la carte looked far more exciting! My eating partner did opt for the former but I made the decision to delve into the larger menu… 


Mini Meze; Kosmos, Fallowfield

For our first course, we unearthed the wonders of the mini meze; the dolmathes, the falafel and the tabbouleh salad (cracked wheat with feta, olives, pepper, Greek oregano and olive oil) were stunning and far surpassed my expectations. For me, I would have preferred a stronger feta in the spanakotiropita (feta and spinach parcels) but this is a trivial criticism. Everything else, down the the fresh, warm pitta, was fantastic. 

With the mini meze, we also chose a side of whitebait. These little fish were fried to perfection in a crisp batter before being served alongside homemade tzatziki. The last time I was able to get my eager paws on these was on holiday in Crete, in a small cafe next to the sea; I was worried I would be disappointed but I am happy to say that Kosmos Taverna brought back acute memories of being on that island, basking in the sun. 


Rosto; Kosmos, Fallowfield


Rosto; Kosmos, Fallowfield









Other bloggers have reported that, after the starters, the meal began to go slightly downhill. For us, over a year later, this was not the case! My main, called Rosto, was a winner – lamb shoulder which fell from the bone, cloaked in a decadent red wine and cinnamon reduction. With it came cracked wheat and vermicelli which in hindsight I would change for a salad, as the luxuriousness of the thick sauce meant a lighter accompaniment was needed. 


Mixed Kebab; Kosmos, Fallowfield

Beside me, a mixed kebab arrived and I had a serious moment of food envy. Our waiter, a curmudgeonly chap, informed us that the kebab was served with a barbecue sauce – this would have discouraged me as I detest synthetic ‘BBQ’ sauce but my companion persevered and thank God because it was a little boat of sweet, spicy, tangy goodness. *insert lip smacking noises*


Baklava; Kosmos, Fallowfield

At this point I was fuller than full, but with the promise of baklava (crammed with pistachio) tempting my ‘pudding compartment’, who can resist (evidently not us, as I tucked in before remembering to snap up a picture)? We decided to share this final course and it was – again – a success, however I do wish that there had been more honey syrup on the baklava as the pastry was a little dry, even with the ice cream… 

Our slightly surly waiter arrived with another small morsel to end the meal (a complimentary bite of samali – semolina cake – and a boiled ‘sweetie’) and I very much felt like the eventually exploding Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life who is offered one more, single thin mint*. 

After a lovely evening, I knew it was time to waddle home. 





*I am sincerely hoping however, that our waiter didn’t find us quite so dreadful a customer.


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