Birthday Breakfast

5 May

Just a short piece on Matt’s handiwork from first light on my birthday; I must put this in because it is a memory to treasure. I – thankfully – was able to ease into wakefulness (admittedly slightly pieced by an impatient stomach) with a cup of tea, while he scampered around the kitchen in a mild agitation at the mission ahead of him. 

I watched this slightly chaotic spectacle for a while, intent solely upon being an observer (it was my birthday) until I surrendered with a smile. It was better this way – we ended up kicking ‘eggs royale’ ass. 


Eggs Royale; Birthday Breakfast.

Hollandaise – it’s not impossible; be patient with it… Don’t rush the yolks turning to spaghetti-like ribbons by putting them over too high a heat – it will scramble. Whisk constantly, gently, lovingly…! Do not re-heat and make sure you add some lemon and black pepper in at the end. Saying this, I made the hollandaise because Matt’s prior attempts had been, in his own words, ‘disasterous’, so as the egg poaching king he concentrated on creating spheres of golden-yolked goodness. 

Swapping the smoked salmon for gravlax was definitely a winner – its sweet sharpness and dill curing wreathed through, cutting through the buttery hollandaise (hence why you need the lemon for a little more lift) without jeopardising the silken unity of the ingredients together.   

Serve with ciabatta and asparagus, and fall in love. 


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