Breakfast at Cicchetti

6 Apr

For me, San Carlo is immensely sentimental. I have spent some fantastic evenings at the San Carlo in Leicester and all are cemented in the memory bank; my Dad’s fiftieth birthday for one. The discovery of Le Petit Rouge (another branch of the group) just above my dearly loved Leicester San Carlo, had me obsessing over their foie gras creme brulee and oysters until I was finally able to get my hands on them. Small and prefectly balanced Parisian food. Of course, it was beautiful.

In one of our first weeks in Manchester, I remember – completely unaware of where I was – walking along what I later found to be Deansgate and seeing Cicchetti, nestled away on a little right-hand street. I was drawn in by the array of antipasti platters (the anchovies!) tempting me from behind a glass counter but, in a rush, I couldn’t stop to buy.

Maybe it was predestined then, or maybe by chance, that when my ‘bestest’ of friends, Sophie, came up to visit me in Manchester we happened upon Cicchetti again – a place that is for me, steeped in San Carlo sentiments. It was around ten in the morning on a Tuesday and it was fairly busy which I took as a good sign, so we opted for ‘The Great Cicchetti Breakfast’ (a name I hoped desperately it would live up to) which consisted of two eggs – mine were poached while Soph’s were scrambled, streaky bacon, pork and leek sausages, mushrooms, a hash brown, tomato and black pudding and of course, tea or coffee. Not very Italian!


The Great Cicchetti Breakfast; Cicchetti, Manchester


Sophie is very pleased! Cicchetti, Manchester.

It came out and we were thrilled. Soph’s scrambled eggs were an intense orange from the yolks, so nice to see when pale yellow, unhappy yolks are so common. Soph tried and disliked the black pudding so I swapped it for one of my sausages – the greedy one in me almost wished I hadn’t because, when finally getting round to try them, the sausages were of such a high quality. However! Black pudding is too delicious to let go to waste. The hash brown was interesting, heavily flavoured with thyme and more powdery than I’m used to, but it mixed excellently with the mushrooms sauteed in onion.

I want to try Cicchetti’s main menu; their carpaccio of angus beef and fresh tuna tartare look divine, but I will go back for the breakfast if I find myself hungry in the morning in central Manchester. Yes Cicchetti, your breakfast was ‘Great’.



P.S. We also went for dinner at Alto later in the evening – I’m delighted I went back, it’s just. so. good…

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