Levenshulme’s New Market

24 Mar

First check-in to topnotfodder in a while, namely because of cruel beast that is the norovirus (that link will explain, graphically, I’m sure) knocking us for six… Food was suddenly scary! A danger! This was a phenomenon that left me flustered; previously, I would have been able to assure you that my appetite is wonderfully resilient – the last land to be conquered – but not this time. For a few weeks I was left wondering whether I would find the same enjoyment from food that had formerly been developing.

However, they do say good things come to those who wait, and I’m pleased to have waited this long to report on the Levenshulme Market. After the noro, relighting a passion for food had been slow progress (slower, as I am not the most patient individual out there) – but yesterday it was kicked back into action with some serious gusto.

I would like to say that the Levy Market is not just food – it had some non-edible gems for sale as well, I was eyeing up the homemade soaps and musical goodness – but I was drawn  out from the warmth of my homely woodwork by the promise of foodstuffs. It shows our commitment, I think, to say we walked the full 1.8 miles in the bitter cold (not quite snowing yet, but the air was like ice), wrapped in layers, to an unknown place, purely to sample some treats – I only wish I had worn thermals.

We did get lost. We had found Levenshulme but within it, we had been cast adrift by the maps on our phones… And while we were wandering (a good half an hour) the blizzard started up. We sought refuge in the town’s ASDA and luckily for us, a friendly security guard pointed out the way to the train station – of course it was the exact opposite to the way we had been headed. At last! With numb hands and frozen faces, we arrived at the market.

The first we bought were some intensely fabulous pork scratchings from The Moocher, along with their stunning wild garlic paste (which I sampled properly this morning with a black pudding sausage omelette) – a fresh, foraged ingredient designed to be combined in sauces. I loved their selection of potted game, especially the hare! I’m severely regretting not buying the scotch bonnet chilli sauce, so I may have to rectify this mistake in the future…

Next we moved on to the BBQ beauty of Fire and Salt – something I’ve been dying to get my chops round for a while. The brisket cob in their own smokin’ sauce was calling my name and, not one to refuse a challenge (it was a healthy portion), I complied. WOWSAH. We had to sit down to truly appreciate this magic – how we managed to find a seat is a marvel in itself, but having done so, the meaty goodness bathed us in its heavenly waves of joy.

Lastly on the food front was the BarnHouse Bistro. We’ve already learned today that good things come to those who wait and this, readers, is absolutely no exception. The burger the BarnHouse was serving up was beef and coriander ground down and served medium, topped with a lime mayonnaise and jalapenos. What the magic was that was being wielded in those flavours is beyond me but I have been once and for all converted to a ‘burger lover’ – even if it is just the BarnHouse’s burgers – it eclipsed any I’ve had previously, and without a doubt the best eat of the day.

To top off the enchantment of my tastebuds, we warmed up with a chilli hot chocolate (served with cream, marshmallows and cinnamon) from the sensational Margo and Rita – Mexican street food at its best.

A stunning selection! The Levy Market surpassed my expectations from the first bite. Manchester, I love you…

 *The market’s on the fourth Saturday of every month guys – the next on the 27th of April – get down!*




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