Manchester Foodie Quiz @ the Gaslamp.

19 Feb

Last night we had our first crack at a foodie quiz. Having never been to that part of Deansgate (it wasn’t Deansgate Locks, as I thought, not knowing the difference) our taxi-man took it upon himself – as is his job, though not all in Manchester seem to realise this – to get us to the Gaslamp just in the nick of time for the quiz to start. After discovering the Manchester Foodies on twitter, I’d been excited about this all weekend as Monday nights are habitually lifeless… As it was only their second time, we thought we’d give the young, sprouting night a go.

The Gaslamp, for years a kitchen that served food for homeless children, has been converted into a quirky, underground pub serving interesting ales and some unfamiliar drinks (in the fridge, I spotted a couple of bottles of De Molen beer – ‘Engels’ and ‘Hamer and Sikkel’, oooh).  Two pints of Dishy Debbie – a light, zingy beer which even I enjoyed drinking – and two gin and tonics between us, we were ready to take on the rest of the quiz-players.

Ushered into the  back room, we were seated on leather chintz chairs and turning to face the other players, I felt we were in for a chance – I had, in my mind, last months prize of artisan cheese… a golden halo around it…


Homemade snacks; Foodie Quiz at the Gaslamp, Manchester

Our hosts walked in, introduced themselves as the Quiz Masters and offered round bowls of homemade snacks. We tried the (delicious) root vegetable crisps and the spiced, sweet popcorn. Apart from a mischievousness popcorn kernel that attacked my left molar, both were a huge success.

18.02.2013 1

Quiz at the Gaslamp, Manchester

Being dreadful at on-the-spot-puns/witty names, our team for the night was called ‘Red Leicester’ because well… we are from Leicester. I absolutely adored how the quiz was set out in a menu format, complete with courses and thick parchment paper. After devouring our snacks, the quiz commenced.

Having lured us in to a false sense of security, we were ambushed by questions which surpassed our (evidently minute) knowledge of the food world. Scoring a mere two in each round, we were baffled by chefs, places, facts and, in the end, our own lacking awareness! Our enlightenment was flawed! Tail between legs, we persevered.

Pork scratchings; Gaslamp, Manchester.

Pork scratchings; Gaslamp, Manchester.

Half time brought us perfectly prepared pork scratchings that had been rustled  by the hosts themselves. Who was to devour the last one almost descended into a fight to the death; gladiator-style. Societal constraints eventually overcame appetite as the quiz began once more.

All I will say is this (and I needn’t go any further), for us, the second half was worse than the first. Yes, it was possible.

The outcome of this ego-shattering experience is that we came joint last (which was third; a bronze medal, I’ll have you know) with a crushing all-round score of 12.5 out of around 40. I think it’s safe to say we’ll need to get in some serious foodie revision before attempting the next one.

And perhaps I’ll retire from writing about food – they do say the good die young.

What a wonderful night, and just a pound each! Seeing as we are still bitter about missing out on any-place-but-last, we will most definitely be returning to reclaim our dignity.  (In Matt’s words, “high-five for taking part!”)




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