Tried and Tested – Salmon Burgers

15 Jan

In a panic after the inescapable Christmas weight gain, ‘healthy’ is the new tag word for my diet; or it should be, I am ever-tempted… So, last night we decided to try our hand at Good Food’s Superhealthy Salmon Burgers – salmon, thai red curry paste, ginger, loadsa chilli and garlic (we threw these in, ignoring the recipe – DON’T, the curry paste has more than enough as we found out) and a whole bunch of coriander.

Whizzing it all together with a hand blender, it was a peach coloured, sticky mess. I ummed and arred about this strange mix and began to wonder if it would be best to abandon ship, rather than to endure what was fast turning into a culinary disaster. When moulded into their prospective ‘burger shapes’ our salmon burgers seemed even more peach-like. I was concerned.

Into the pan! Finally a ray of hope as the strong Thai flavours hit the heat and began to smell amazing. Four minutes on either side – they really do need to be cooked through – and these little beauties (ugly duckling story, I tell you) were complete. Wrapped in a sheet of nori instead of a burger bun, a squeeze of wasabi  and a grilled, spiced salmon slice on Imagethe side. Definite success.




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