2013 – Epiphany on food.

12 Jan

So we’ve survived the End Of The World – I for one didn’t lay awake on that fateful night wondering if I wasn’t going to wake up in the morning (or wondering if I was going to wake up in the midst of fiery comets raining from the heavens/ seawater gushing through my window/ any other catastrophe) ‘though I have to admit, my toes did tingle slightly when I realised that the predicted end of the calendar hadn’t done … well, anything… And I have to say, I was relieved.

I then started thinking along the lines of the cliche, ‘would I have done all that I wanted to do if the world HAD ended?’ Have I, in fact, eaten at all of those places I crave to eat at? Have I sampled the foods that I am dying to sample? Have I tried my hand at the many recipes stored in my cookbook collection? Because you see, food is the greatest part of my enjoyment on this earth and I do think it’s time that it started to take a few more little steps closer to the limelight of my life…

Enter the Foodie Blog. 




One hell of a beauty; Cow and Plough, Leicester


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